Revision: 05 August 2021




Kansas Youth Cricket Academy
Terms & Conditions



KYCA (The Academy) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the growth of youth cricket in the great metropolitan area of Kansas City on either sides of the state line.


We provide voluntary cricket coaching services to children (boys and girls), ages 6 and up.


Terms & Conditions:


  1. The child has the parent's permission to participate in a Sports Practice, Game, or Special Event to be organized by the Academy, held at any indoor or outdoor facility. 

  3. He/she is in good health and has no condition which should prevent him/her from participating.

  5. The parent(s)/volunteers understand when participating in sports or fitness activities, injury may occur. It is agreed that neither the Academy, nor any sponsors, personal trainers, coaches, agents, volunteers or employees will have any legal liability for injuries or other losses from participation in these activities and are hereby released from liability with respects there to. The Academy is NOT liable for any damages or injuries sustained by the child/participant/volunteer while taking part in any activity, including, but not limited to, travel to and from the facilities or other events.

  7. As we are an NPO, we do NOT provide any kind of health or hazard insurance of any kind.

  9. In consideration of participation in the Academy, the parent/volunteer agrees to defend, indemnify and hold KYCA harmless with respect to any injury, loss, or damage that participants may suffer.

  11. It is understood that the Academy or any of its volunteers are not liable for any damages; or injuries; or loss of property, whatsoever.

  13. A parent/guardian should be present at the field, practice session or special event at all times. The Academy is NOT responsible for the health and safety of the child/volunteer/participating player(s).

  15. The child should be at least six (6) years of age to take part in any activity the Academy. The Academy does not check birth records, and does not maintain any personal information of the child/participant. Parent confirms that the child meets the age criteria.

  17. The Academy requires personal protective equipment for every child/participant/volunteer. Each parent is responsible for the protective gear on the participating child. This include, but not limited to, protective cups, shin pads, thigh guards, helmets, and, any and all other protective gear deemed required for the participant.

  19. The participant must be adequately covered with personal health insurance provided by the parent/guardian. The Academy is not responsible for any medical payments of any kind whatsoever.

  21. If the child/participant is provided with any/some of the protective gear by The Academy during any sports event, the Academy is not responsible for the guaranteed functionality of the equipment/gear.

  23. Any extra precautions required for the child/participant/volunteer to avoid contagious diseases (airborne, or otherwise) is the responsibility of the parent. If additional protective gear (masks, etc) are required at any time, it is understood that the parents will provide these. The Academy does not bear any liability or responsibility on the health of the child/participant/volunteer.

  25. The fee structure is subject to change at any time. While we are a non-profit organization, the fee is subject to change to be able to maintain the minimum charges for the facilities and supplies.